26 May

OPG X-Rays

At Dental One there are a few things that make us unique. OPG x rays are one of them An OPG is a panoramic or wide view x-ray of the lower face, which displays all the teeth of the upper and lower jaw on a single film. It displays the Go ahead
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Save a tooth with a simple, quick thinking and systematic process Tooth trauma can occur as a result of a fall, sporting injury or any traumatic event. It can be a parent’s worse nightmare seeing one of their children lose a tooth – It is important to understand exactly what Go ahead
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Tooth Sensitivity
Tooth sensitivity is a common dental problem that causes pain in teeth when encountering certain food and drinks. The pain is often sharp, sudden and will go away once the stimulus is removed. In healthy teeth, the outer enamel protects the inner layer of the tooth called dentine, which is Go ahead
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