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A denture is removable appliance used to replace single or multiple teeth that could have been lost from trauma, tooth decay or gum disease.
The base of a denture could be either metal or acrylic and the replacement teeth are made to mimic the shape and color of your natural teeth. For patients that are edentulous, complete dentures will replace all their missing teeth, and for those with some natural teeth, partial dentures are used to replace the teeth that have been lost.denture1

Advantages of dentures:

  • Simple to make
  • Cost effective way of replacing multiple teeth at the one time.


Making a full or partial denture is an easy and painless procedure which involves several appointments where impressions and measurements are taken. Generally a denture takes between 1-4 weeks to fabricate. Ask one of our friendly dentists at Dental One Craigieburn if you are a good candidate for denture replacement teeth.


A denture will normally cost between $800-1950 depending on the type and number of teeth being replaced.