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Orthodontic Treatment

Our team of General Dentists take a special interest in Orthodontic treatment and we are pleased to offer affordable braces in Craigieburn. Orthodontic treatment helps to improve the appearance, function and health of the teeth and jaws. At Dental One we use braces to deliver the most consistent results.

Your Orthodontic Journey

We make it as easy as possible for you to make a decision about braces. We offer free consultations with one of our Dentists. During this visit the Dentist will take a closer look at the development of your teeth and jaws and give you a recommendation for the most suitable treatment.

There is no obligation to undertake treatment.

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Getting braces can be an expensive adventure, but at Dental One we offer very affordable treatment and monthly payment plans to take some of the financial pressure off. We also offer up-front discounts if you wish to pay for the entirety of your treatment plan.

Generally an 18-month course of Orthodontic treatment will cost $4900 or $4500 if paid up-front.

Are you a candidate?

If you are concerned with the appearance of your teeth or your bite then you may need orthodontic treatment. We can provide braces for both Adults and Children. We can even keep an eye on the development of your child’s teeth to identify if they may need braces in the future.