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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a procedure that cleans a tooth’s irreparably damaged or infected nerve and replaces it with a filling.  Damage to the nerve can be caused by tooth decay, existing large fillings, trauma, grinding or gum disease. The treatment will usually be successful in saving the tooth.

Generally, a root canal treatment can be done over 2-3 sessions with the placement of an antibacterial medicine inside the nerve space in between appointments to relieve pain and clear infection. Root canals have a high success rate of about 90-95% over 10 years.

Some symptoms that may require the need for a root canal include:
– Pain when biting or chewing.
– Sensitivity to hot or cold drinks.
– Aching or throbbing pain.
– Swellings of the face or gums.
– Loosening of a tooth.


Most teeth that have undergone root canal treatment are then restored using a crown. Depending on the location of the tooth this may be a porcelain crown for front teeth or a gold or alloy based crown for back teeth that require additional strength.

At Dental One Craigieburn, our dentists use the latest techniques and materials to ensure that your root canal treatment is comfortable, and completed to the highest quality. Simply contact us to make your appointment today.